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Lucy's Globe 8.0

High-quality political map of the world with challenging geographical tests
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Lucien Buercker

You can improve your knowledge of political geography by perusing traditional and boring maps or by playing around Lucy’s Globe. This interactive political map of the entire Globe will let you learn or know more about any country and territory in the world. Identify the main cities in a given country, learn more about its borders and neighbours, or participate in a challenging flag quiz.

Lucy’s Globe offers you a balanced mixture of pure knowledge and puzzle games for you to learn or improve your existing knowledge about countries, cities, continents, and other territories in a fun and reassuring way. You can search for countries in the full list of countries and territories that the program displays or simply discover new places by hovering over your favorite continent. The Globe will rotate to show you the exact position of the country. You can then zoom in to take a closer look to its borders and to the countries around it. If you wish to know more about a specific country or territory you can right-click on it and check its total population, population density, flag, extension, etc. This data is fully editable, allowing you to keep it updated at all times. If you happen to know the longitude and latitude coordinates of a specific spot, you can also tell Lucy’s Globe to show it to you.

The program offers you various visualization options – you can “turn on and off” the different imaginary lines, borders, cities, country names, and even the bright colors in which countries are depicted. You can choose which labels will be shown and which won’t, and even change the axis of the Globe just by dragging your mouse over its surface.

Whenever you think you are ready to take the challenge, you can try the various games and puzzles that come with the program. You have small games for specific countries, such as the Federal States of the USA, the provinces and territories of Canada, the Bundesländer of Germany, the Comunidades Autónomas of Spain, or the States and territories of Australia. Or you can go global and try to locate a short list of States all around the world, their capital cities, or identify their flags. You will be surprised of how much one can learn by playing around a few times with these simple puzzle games.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just for fun or because you need to improve your knowledge of political geography for whatever reason – Lucy’s Globe is an interesting alternative to static and traditional maps and atlases, and a much more gratifying experience. Besides, both the program’s interface and the labels on the maps themselves can be set to any of the major Western languages.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High-quality graphics
  • Allows you to customize most of the data displayed in the maps
  • Includes some interesting geographical tests
  • Fast display of all graphical elements


  • You may encounter some problems with the set of characters used to display the geographical terms of the Globe
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